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We facilitate business in Latin America, with a broad and flexible perspective through consulting services in business, tax, transfer pricing, finance and technology.

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Our interdisciplinary team will assist you in optimizing your business, conducting it safely and in accordance with the regulations in force in each country of operation 

Business in Latin America

we are gci

Doing business in Latin America is a unique epic in each case. For every business or new venture there are a series of adventures that the entrepreneur and management team must overcome.

At Grupo Camacho Internacional we have been accompanying entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes in the art of doing business in the region for 35 years. A vast experience that has taken us around the world, with successful projects in more than 65 jurisdictions.

We start from your needs in business, tax, finance, transfer pricing, and technology to develop a relationship of trust that allows prosperity for your companies.

Rather than consulting a specific opinion on finance, tax, transfer pricing or technology, every project we are involved in is done from a holistic business viewpoint, considering diverse perspectives.

Thousands of local, regional and transnational clients are the best letter of presentation for our commitment to quality. Let’s navigate Latin America together!

Advice and personalized attention

The business door to Latin America

Our reason for being


We are a business facilitator firm in Latin America with a broad and flexible perspective. We watch over our clients’ assets with ethics, morals and transparency through personalized and high value-added services in tax, strategy, finance and technology.

Where we are heading


To be technical leaders in business consulting in multiple Latin American countries, providing high quality services, always with our flexible, close, efficient and value-based spirit; for the benefit of clients who appreciate and share these characteristics.

Knowledge, experience and the equipment needed to be

Your strategic ally

Carlos Camacho Córdoba

Managing Partner

Carlos H. Camacho Córdoba is an entrepreneur with extensive business experience. He is a founding partner of Grupo Camacho Internacional, a consulting firm with 35 years of experience.

Carlos Morales Navarro


Carlos Morales is a hardened entrepreneur with more than 12 years of experience. He has extensive experience in management and strategic definition. He studied mass communication at UCR and has a Master’s degree in business administration with emphasis in finance from Tecnológico de Costa Rica.

Vanessa Vega Alvarez


Vanessa Vega Alvarez is a lawyer with more than 20 years of experience in the customs and tax consulting area. She was in charge of the development of the line of services in special regimes of free zones and inward processing in one of the Big4 operating in Costa Rica.

Countries where we have a presence


  • Guatemala 50% 50%
  • Honduras 60% 60%
  • El Salvador 30% 30%
  • Nicaragua 10% 10%
  • Costa Rica 100% 100%
  • Panama 40% 40%
  • Mexico 60% 60%
  • Colombia 90% 90%
  • dominican republic 25% 25%
  • Ecuador 30% 30%
  • Brasil 70% 70%

What characterizes and represents us


Commitment and transcendence

We are committed to give the best for our employees, customers, business community and society.

Valuing human talent

Our team is our most valuable resource and our cornerstone.

Passion for quality

Quality governs our actions and is our commitment to those we serve.

Social Responsibility

Through our service, we strive for a better society for all.


All our work is governed by the universal ethical values of our profession.


We strive for transparency towards the different audiences we inform.

We have more than 35 years of experience in multiple business, tax, transfer pricing and technology issues.

Let us be your strategic partner.

In Grupo Camacho International we help you manage your business efficiently, through our interdisciplinary team of professionals from different areas. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.