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We are the immediate point of contact when you are faced with financial issues, decision making processes for restructurings or expansion plans for your companies.

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Our consulting team is a group of talented, interdisciplinary people with an experiential background of value to your company. Let us advise you so that your business operates in the most optimal way.

At Grupo Camacho International we advise you on business as a whole. Our areas of expertise:

Business and strategy

Optimal business management allows you to keep your costs and expenses under control, identify the most relevant revenue streams and define the future of your organisation. Through business strategy and strategic thinking your company can have a bright future, whether in the start-up process or in its internationalisation phase.

Business transformation

Change is a constant in business. New markets, new products or services, new competitors. In a VUCA environment (Complex, volatile, uncertain and ambiguous) the transformation of your business is fundamental. Whether it is through a business restructuring or a process definition and digitalisation project, our multidisciplinary expertise will find the most suitable path.


A healthy cash flow, with an adequate inventory turnover, operating margins and an adequate EBITDA has only one objective: to increase the value of your company. We accompany you in your company’s finances, with the conviction that accurate information and proper analysis will optimise your business.

Technology, communication and marketing

The transversal axis of a company in 2024: Technology. A suitable technological approach allows you, together with the correct communication with your different audiences, to make the most of your resources and optimise the time of your collaborators. Our team analyses your digital transformation in a comprehensive manner, aware that more than software and trends, it must respond to your business reality.

Management and leadership

The constant evolution, market conditions, new technologies, practices and customs of new generations. Navigating the back-and-forth of business involves proper management of the operation, its employees and its stakeholders. We accompany you in the development of individuals in leadership positions in your company and in the planning of your business succession.

Change is a constant in business. At Grupo Camacho Internacional we advise you on business as a whole.

We have more than 35 years of experience in multiple business, tax, transfer pricing and technology issues.

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At Grupo Camacho Internacional we help you to manage your taxes efficiently, through our interdisciplinary team of professionals from different areas. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.