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We review the legal and jurisprudential framework to provide you with the appropriate recommendation. Whether it’s with a specific advisory session or through a recurring advisory plan, our experts are on hand to clarify the tax landscape of the business.

¿Why with Grupo Camacho Internacional?

Tax Advisory

Our advisory clients are companies and entrepreneurs from multiple economy sectors. They take advantage of their tax advisory, regardless of the level of complexity of their business or their tax compliance.

Industries that benefit from our tax advisory:

  • Real Estate
  • Hotelier
  • Tourism
  • Cooperative
  • Financial
  • Professional Services
  • Hardware
  • Translation Services
  • Technology Services
  • Pharmacist
  • Bless you
  • Retail

Tax consulting is essential for businesses in Costa Rica for two main reasons: 


Tax regulations are complex

Tax regulations are complex. Our law has been reformed multiple times in recent years, including new taxes such as VAT in 2019 or global income tax in mid-2023. 

Each of these changes imply new laws, new regulations, new institutional criteria. Understanding what tax compliance looks like for your business in the midst of that regulatory tangle can be difficult. It is reasonable to have questions and doubts about how to deal with different situations.  


Legal uncertainty

Our country and our tax law are characterized by a high level of legal uncertainty. If you analyze the entire body of regulations, for example VAT, you will discover contradictions between what is proposed by the law and what is regulated by the Treasury Department. You will discover more contradictions when you read the institutional criteria or discover the answers to 119 queries!

A team of tax consultants will allow you to identify what is the best treatment angle  for the specifics of your business. 

The tax advisory at Grupo Camacho Internacional is carried out in two modalities, each designed for your specific needs. 

Specific modality

specific tax advisor

As an entrepreneur, financial manager, or general accountant, you have a specific question about the proper accounting-tax treatment of a transaction. 

In the specific tax advisory, one of our tax experts will answer your question, carry out the technical analysis of the matter and provide you with the best recommendation about it. 


Specific tax advisory is usually suitable for business with a small administrative structure. It applies for business owners, general managers, or financial managers with a small financial department.


Specific tax advisory is usually a face-to-face or virtual meeting with one of our most experienced experts, whether it is one of Grupo Camacho Internacional’s partners, directors, or tax managers.

If necessary, the question can be answered via email or by a formal memorandum.

Cost of service

Specific tax advisory has an hourly price of $250 + VAT. Fill out the form below to receive a quote from our advisors.




Recurring tax advisory is intended as a solution for medium and large businesses with a steady stream of tax inquiries.

Our tax experts team will be at your disposal each month, during which time they will technically analyze your questions and provide the best advice for the specific situation.

who is it for?

Recurring tax advisory is the preferred option for companies in any industry, with an established financial accounting team and a structure of management, coordinators and financial team.


Recurring tax advisory allows the mix of multidisciplinary professionals in the attention of your question.

Grupo Camacho Internacional’s tax team is composed by professionals in Accounting, Economics, Law, Business Management and other related careers. The team that will attend to your question will vary from one to another, depending on the subject.

Answers to tax questions can be through a face-to-face or virtual meeting, email, or formal memorandum.

cost of service

Recurring tax advisory comprises a minimum commitment of 6 months.

In return, you receive a lower price per unit hour, depending on the number of hours agreed. Our advisory plans start with a minimum of 3 hours per month.

Fill out the form below to receive a quote from our advisors.

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At Grupo Camacho Internacional we help you manage your taxes efficiently, through our interdisciplinary team of professionals from different areas. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us.