Our tax experts share their knowledge through services that allow you to comply obligations and optimize your business.

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Our customized services fit our clients’ needs. Always evolving to keep up with regulatory changes and best practices to optimize tax compliance.

We bring intelligence and efficiency to your business through our tax services:


We answer your questions and solve cases that arise in the day-to-day operations of your business.

We review the legal and jurisprudential framework to provide you with the appropriate recommendation. Whether it’s with a targeted consulting session or through a recurring consulting plan, our experts are on hand to clarify the tax landscape of your business.


We process or review your Value Added Tax return so that your filing and payment is in accordance with current tax regulations.

We classify debits and credits, or review your classification, to ensure that it is done correctly. We analyze your transactions to classify them accordingly into subject, exempt, non-taxable and differentiated tax rates.


We identify your tax and business risks for you to take action.

We review your company’s economic activities: trial balances, deductibility of expenses, VAT returns, supporting auxiliaries and supporting documentation. We verify compliance with your formal and material obligations as a withholding agent (withholdings at source, social security contributions, remittances abroad, capital income, capital gains).


We prepare your business fiscal year closing or pre-closing. We verify that your filings are in accordance with current tax regulations and validate compliance with formal (declaration) and material (payment) obligations, to mitigate your company’s tax risks.

We identify opportunities to optimize your tax burden; as well as possible tax risks that we will communicate with relevant recommendations.


optimize your resources by restructuring your value chain, reducing costs, identifying risks and forecasting trends in tax reforms. The tax planning must primarily seek a validated economic objective, respect tax regulations and consider an integral perspective, more than just tax savings.

This approach provides legal certainty for your business operations to generate higher profits without jeopardizing continuity.

Individuals may also benefit from a tax planning, since it allows them to manage and safeguard their wealth in a complex regulatory environment.

At Grupo Camacho Internacional we help our clients to optimize their businesses continuouty and efficiency.


If you are being audited by the Tax Authority, Grupo Camacho Internacional can advise you to comply with the audit requirements in an efficient and safe way. 

To paralize due to tax rules ignorances is the biggest risk you may take. 

Our team will support you throughout the process, we will help you in the review and preparation of the requested documents, which will provide you with the peace of mind that everything is being done correctly.

With Grupo Camacho Internacional you will have great chances to obtain favorable results in the audit process. You will have adequate tax support for your case to develop successfully.


Having properly trained personnel in your tax department is essential to minimize the risk to the Tax Administration. Training plays a key role in the achievement of tasks and projects in the workplace.

Grupo Camacho Internacional offers tools to share knowledge with companies and their collaborators, thus promoting organizational and personal growth.

We have more than 35 years of experience in multiple business, tax, transfer pricing and technology topics.

Let us be your strategic ally.

At Grupo Camacho Internacional we help you manage your taxes efficiently, through our interdisciplinary team of professionals from different areas. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.